Project Highrise

Build and manage a modern-day skyscraper

Project Highrise, a simulation game
by SomaSim, is currently available
for PC and Mac.

A vertical ecosystem of concrete, steel and glass

A modern skyscraper is an intricate machine of interlocking systems, which depend on each other in their daily function. Tenants will expect everything to just work, and to have all of their needs met under one roof. It's your job to keep this machine running smoothly and efficiently. Keep your ear to the ground, but your eye to the future.

A multi-faceted simulation of a modern tower

As the architect, you'll have to plan carefully as your building grows from bare ground to a spire in the sky. Will you make it a magnet for entertainment, teeming with tourists raving about their posh hotel rooms? Will you construct world-famous corporate HQs where business titans sit down to power lunches at the best restaurant in town? Or will you build luxury condos for the privileged elite who make their homes way up above it all pampered by the best shops and exclusive boutiques? There are many paths to fame. It's up to you to choose yours.

An intricate web of activity

As the building manager, you'll have to keep careful tabs on everyone that walks through your doors. Are your office workers pleased with the food choices? Do your condo residents enjoy the new grocery store? Are the fountains in the atrium clean and are the escalators in good repair? Does the law firm on 42 think the rent is too high or the carpets too dirty? Keeping everyone happy keeps the rent coming in.

Now Available

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Project Highrise Builders

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Robert Zubek, programmer

Robert Zubek

SomaSim Co-Founder, Programmer

Robert is a co-founder of SomaSim. Previously, he was a principal software engineer at Zynga, where he built large-scale social games such as CityVille and FarmVille 2. Prior to Zynga, he developed online game infrastructure at Three Rings Design and console games at Electronic Arts/Maxis. He received a Ph.D. in Computer Science from Northwestern University.

Matthew Viglione, designer

Matthew Viglione

SomaSim Co-Founder, Lead Designer

Matthew is a co-founder of SomaSim. The studio's first game, the gold rush-themed 1849, was released for PC, iOS and Android in May 2014. He has extensive experience in creative direction, writing and graphic design.

Eddie Einikis, artist

Eddie Einikis


Freelance concept and 2D artist. Lead artist on 1849. Man of few words but many drawings.

Kevin Paskowski, artist

Kevin Paskowski


Kevin has held positions as artist, art outsourcing manager, art producer, producer, and UI artist. He worked on both mobile and web games. He's getting to know Unity and does some web design and web coding as well. Kevin loves games and making games and every aspect of the complex art of game development. Kevin also made the UI for 1849.

Brian Block, music/audio

Brian Block

Composer and Sound Effects

Brian has been writing and recording music for 15 years and playing video games for longer. Brian's passion for the audio arts and recognition of the creative significance of games have lead him to pursue a career in game sound design. Brian is also part-time faculty member at Columbia College where he teaches classes on programming and app development.

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