Gamasutra excerpts from Rob’s GDC Next panel on going AAA to Indie

by somasim, November 11th, 2013

Last week we were at GDC Next in Los Angleles. Rob participated in a panel discussion with Borut Pfeifer from Plush Apocalypse, Damian Isla from Moonshot Games and moderated by Damon Pidhajecky from Lucky Puppy Games.

In the midst of a rapidly changing industry and prevailing narratives of bootstrapped success stories, the pull of independent development is frequently a seductive one. However, going indie is fraught with challenges, as many who have made the switch can tell you.

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Rob’s Interview with about Going Indie

by matt v, October 28th, 2013

Rob recently joined fellow GDC Next panelists Damian Isla, Thor Alexander and Borut Pfeifer in an interview with In the interview, they discussed the transition from AAA studio to starting their own indie shops.

Read the full interview here.

In advance of the inaugural GDC Next, taking place November 5-7 at the Los Angeles Convention Center, GamesIndustry International caught up with several developers who’ve recently left AAA to go indie. In this special roundtable, Thor Alexander (Lucky Puppy), Damian Isla (Moonshot Games), Borut Pfeifer (Plush Apocalypse Productions) and Robert Zubek (SomaSim Games) all weigh in on the experience of going indie. These veteran devs will continue the discussion in a panel at GDC Next, where they intend to share advice about adapting to the quickly evolving games market and what challenges and opportunities the industry will hold in the future for indies.

See 1849 and other local indie games at the Good Game Club

by matt v, October 18th, 2013

We’ll be showing off the alpha version of 1849 on November 13 at the White Walls gallery in San Francisco.

Come join us, try out 1849 and other great local indie games. Go to the Good Game Club website for tickets and check out all the other people that will be there with us.

Choices, choices…

by matt v, October 17th, 2013

Last week, Eddie’s hard work produced some new logo treatments for 1849. We think they’re both excellent and either would be great within the game.


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“What’s Next?” Rob talks with Gamasutra’s Patrick Miller

by matt v, October 1st, 2013

In advance of November’s GDC Next, GDC’s Director of Online Community Patrick Miller reached out to many games industry luminaries to see where they think the future of video games is headed. This interview is the latest installment of a multi-part series that will run up until shortly before the ‘future of games’ conference, which takes place in Los Angeles, CA from November 5-7, co-located with the App Developers Conference.

Patrick and Rob talked at length about the direction of social gaming, and also about procedural content generation and creative online spaces as important trends for the future of games.

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Rob’s Upcoming Panel at GDC Next

by matt v, September 13th, 2013

Rob will be joining some other former triple A devs that have started their own game studios at GDC Next in Los Angeles in November.

Recently on Gamasutra:

Lastly, in the panel ‘Going from AAA to Indie: New Studio Founders Share Their Experiences,’ several new studio founders will discuss the business and product side of independent game development, starting with several key decisions new studios face (business models, seeking funding, targeting platforms) and then examining emerging trends in the industry and how they’ll affect new indies.

The panel of triple-A-veterans-turned-indies will include Robert Zubek (from Zynga to SomaSim), Paul Tozour (from Retro Studios and Microsoft Game Studios to Intelligence Engine Design Systems), Borut Pfeifer (from Sony Online and EA to Plush Apocalypse Productions), Thor Alexander (from Zynga and EA to Lucky Puppy), and Damian Isla (from Bungie to Moonshot Games).

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